Geotechnical Capabilities

Drill Logging – Experience with mud rotary, hollow stem and solid-flight augers, rock and pavement coring, air rotary, sonic rotary, ODEX, cable tools, Becker systems, hand augers, etc. Split-spoon, Shelby, rock core, environmental and grab sample collection, field and final logs, down-hole testing and installations, gas monitoring.

Excavation Logging – Backhoe and excavator test pits. Geotechnical and environmental sample collection, field and final logs, infiltration testing.

Geotechnical Monitoring – Installation and measurement of inclinometers, vibrating-wire and standpipe piezometers. Performing open-hole and cased-hole infiltration tests, formation pressure (packer) testing and monitoring pump tests.

Field Mapping – Use of various measurement devices to locate testing locations and generate site maps and cross-sections.

Laboratory Testing – Moisture contents, unit density, Atterberg limits, compaction, CBRs, consolidation, unconfined tri-axial, grain-size analysis and hydrometers, direct shear, fracture logs and point-load testing.

Construction Observation – Nuclear Field Density testing, proof-rolling and T-bar density testing; stripping-, sub-grade- and fill inspection; installation and proof-testing of geopiers, auger-cast- and driven piles, soil nails and anchors; supervising removal of contaminated soils. Drafting daily field memos.

Geotechnical Reporting – Drafting GInt logs, maps and technical drawings and writing geotechnical and geohazard reports. Library research.

Other – 40-hour HAZWOPER training (not current), former licensed monitor well constructor, confined-space training.

Projects of Note

Portland Area – Westside Light Rail Tunnel, Hillsboro Extension of Light Rail, Eastside CSO Tunnel; Southwest Parallel Interceptor; Carolina, Taggart, Tanner Creek and Alder Basin projects; Columbia Slough Consolidation Conduit, CSO Outfall, Inverness Force Main; numerous landslide, bridge, waterline, airport and school projects.

Seattle Light Rail and Commuter Rail, Arizona Beach Landslide (Port Orford), Spokane Monitor Wells.