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Gary C. Sandstrom,
Geologist, LLC

Certified Engineering Geologist

About the Firm

Gary C. Sandstrom, Geologist, LLC is a one-man engineering geology consulting firm specializing in site-specific geohazard investigations. Gary serves clients throughout western Oregon and southwestern Washington.


Geohazard Evaluation

  • Slope stability and landslide risk
  • Drainage and flooding risk
  • Erosion and bluff recession

Foundation Assessment

  • Foundation design recommendations
  • Settlement issues

Zoning and Land Use

  • Engineering Geologist evaluation and certification

Geotechnical Engineering Services

  • Site exploration
  • Construction observation


Property owners and potential buyers

Real estate professionals

Geotechnical engineers


Knowledgeable - 30 years of field experience in the Pacific Northwest.

Affordable - One-man operation / no expensive infrastructures

Professional contacts - referrals to geotechnical engineering firms in the region for additional expertise and capabilities


634 SW 54th St
Corvallis OR 97333

Cell 503-547-3678